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Raising the standard on emergency response and medical gender diversity

Raising the standard on emergency response and medical gender diversity

FSA is committed to recruiting employees that have the right attitudes, experience, knowledge, and skills necessary for employment to perform specific job roles.

We are an equal opportunity employer that will only employ the best candidate, regardless of gender, race, religion, and disability.

FSA has strong gender diversity across our medical and emergency response teams. FSA has a better than industry gender diversity across our Medical and Emergency Services teams. With 35% Female employees vs. an industry average of below 20%, FSA is leading the way in promoting equal opportunity, and gender diversity.

Fire and Safety Australia

Current Medical and Emergency Response Personnel – Gender Diversity

Male 41- 65%

Female 22- 35%

total 63- 100%


FSA takes gender diversity very seriously. Whilst we will always employ the best person for the role, we do endeavour to provide an industry leading and diverse workforce.

Our senior leadership group of 7 is comprised as follows for gender diversity calculations. FSA’s senior leadership team is a diverse and highly skilled group of leaders, with an average tenure 6 years.

Our team comprises:-


Fire and Safety Australia – Senior Leadership Team – Gender Diversity

Male- 3- 43%

Female 4- 57%

Total- 7- 100%

The recruitment and selection of the right personnel is critical to deliver a professional emergency response service. FSA looks for a balance of the right cultural fit, and the right site experience. Our selection process is more comprehensive than our competitors; we make no apologies for this. We want our candidates to undergo a challenging selection test, therefore ensuring successful candidates share our core values and meet the required skills, experience and attitude to be successful in any role they apply for.

To continue to fill our need for employees, we run several ads on an ongoing basis to fill our database of prospective personnel and to ensure that we have a strong contingent of Medical and Emergency Response staff and Emergency Response/Safety Trainers across Australia for deployment on Medical and Emergency Response contracts.