Our Experience With BMA Coal

Fast Facts:

  • FSA has worked with BMA Coal located in Central QLD to provide Cert III Mines Rescue Training
  • FSA worked with BMA to develop and build a BMA Safety Award winning Confined Space Register for the BMA Central CHPP.

FSA was approached by BMA Coal CHPP to discuss our ability to develop a Confined Space Register including Confined Space Risk Assessments and Confined Space Rescue Plans for each confined space at the Central Processing Plant (CHPP) for BMA Coal. After successfully winning the right to undertake the project, FSA spent days on-site and off site developing the master copy, Risk Assessment and Rescue Plans for over 400 confined space hazards on site. The outcomes for BMA Coal CHPP were of such a high standard that an internal BMA Coal safety award was awarded for the project.

FSA has also conducted Certificate III Mines Rescue block training for BMA Peak Downs site in Conduct Fire Team Operations Training, Advanced Resuscitation Training and Breathing Apparatus Training on site for their Emergency Response Team. FSA has really enjoyed the challenges of working for large corporations such as BMA Coal and with our readiness to travel to rural locations for both onsite training and project based consultancy work creates a dynamic and diverse working environment for our Emergency Response Trainers throughout the country.

In an industry that is changing and fluctuating all the time, FSA has proven that we can support and offer flexible training packages that reduce the impact of training on production whilst still delivering the very highest quality of site specific training.

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August 14, 2013