Case Study – Jellinbah Mine

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Our Experience With Jellinbah Mine

Fast Facts:

  • We have provided 3-4 Full-time Emergency Services Officers (ESO’s) for over 3 years
  • We provide an ad-hoc short notice ESO capability when the volunteer ERT are absent or unable to provide coverage
  • Our personnel work under a contract specific HSEQ management plan

We have partnered with Jellinbah mining for over 3 years. FSA has contracted 3-4 permanent Emergency Services Officers on a 4:3 roster to ensure that Jellinbah meets its emergency services officer requirements to roster 4 ERT personnel on every shift . Our full-time personnel are able to partner with the on-site volunteer ERT members and take the mine to a higher level of emergency planning, preparedness and response.

Our emergency response team members are responsible for responding to any emergencies that may occur on-site and are managed by our national ERT Operations Manager. We also provide a casual ‘ad-hoc’ service to cover for our clients short term late notice needs when ERT personnel are absent.

Our emergency response team members continue to provide stable and consistent personnel for the duration of the contract. All of our full-time ESO’s have all been employed by FSA for 2+ years and we have provided a consistent and cost effective emergency response solution.

Click to download Fire & Safety Australia Client Case Study – Jellinbah Mine (QLD)

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August 14, 2013