Middlemount Coal – Yancoal/Peabody Energy Joint Venture (QLD)

Fast Facts

  • FSA are the sole Emergency Rescue Training provider for Middlemount Coal and we’ve conducted training for Cert III Mines Rescue
  • Mines rescue training has included; Conduct Fire Team Operations, Vertical Rescue, Road Accident Rescue, Open Circuit Breathing Apparatus, Occupational First Aid, Drug & Alcohol Testing and Hazmat training
  • We have provided ad-hoc emergency services officers (ESO’s) as required to fit ll ESO coverage gaps

FSA also provide Middlemount Coal with emergency services officers on a roster to ensure coverage and response times are at a premium during transition to Volunteer ERT system of emergency response. FSA are now training the Middlemount ERT team to compete in regional mines rescue competition for the first time where Middlemount will be proudly wearing our corporate logo.

FSA delivered onsite Cert III Mines Rescue Training with fully qualified ERT personnel who carried the dual responsibility of delivering Nationally Accredited Rescue Training and fulfilling duties as Middlemount Coal Emergency Response Team Members. By combining the role of ESO and Trainer, Middlemount Coal received the value of combining their training budget with their ERT saving a significant amount of money whilst accelerating their Cert III Mines Rescue Training over a 12 week block.

FSA has a strong belief in providing solutions based upon our client’s needs and Middlemount Coal are a prime example of the effort FSA goes to in breaking new ground and adding value to our services. FSA ERT/Trainers have really enjoyed the challenge of bringing the Middlemount Emergency Response Team to their goal of achieving Certificate III in Mines Rescue and to develop them as a high quality Emergency Response Unit in their own right. FSA are looking forward to the 2013 regional mines rescue competition to showcase the passion and skill of Middlemount Coal Emergency Response Team.

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August 14, 2013