Fast Facts:

  • FSA has produced evacuation diagrams and a tailored emergency management plan directly for the NSW police
  • FSA has developed and delivered tailored Fire Warden Training and First Aid Training

Two departments of the NSW Police Service had relocated to a brand new, purpose built facilities. One was threatened with closure by the NSW Fire Brigades as a result of not being compliant with safety regulations and standards.
FSA was asked to complete fire evacuation audits and provide all the requirements for compliance. We provided evacuation diagrams, emergency manuals, first aid training and customised fire warden training. Threats of closure are no longer an issue as compliance to AS3745-2010 is now current.

Though both facilities have been inspected by internal audit teams, they each have successfully passed scrutiny. Both buildings are potentially high risk but in different ways. The training took those differences into account when training was delivered.

We take exceptional pride in working with our “cousins” in the emergency response and services area.

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August 14, 2013