Our Experience With Nudie Juices

Fast Facts

  • FSA has completed an emergency evacuation manual and diagrams compliant to AS3745-2010 as well as OH&S consultancy
  • FSA has provided tailored Confined Space Training courses , First Aid Training courses, Warden Training and Safety Consultancy.

FSA has been working with Nudie Juices for over 2 years. We have worked to provide compliant emergency procedures and evacuation diagrams. FSA met with all the stakeholders at Nudie Juices to ensure they were conversant with their roles in the safety process by providing contextualized training courses pertinent to the operational imperatives of the organisation.

A safety audit was conducted of the facility by one of our consultants to determine areas of deficiency with a report furnished to the CEO identifying the deficiencies and recommendations for correction.

All of our Fire and Safety Training is tailored specifically to the Nudie site.

We conducted every course with a focus on raising safety awareness within the workplace and continue to work closely with Nudie to ensure the training is kept up to date.

Click to download Fire & Safety Australia Client Case Study – Nudie Juices (NSW)

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August 14, 2013