Case Study – Snowy Hydro Power Stations

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Our Experience With SHPS

Fast Facts:

  • Provided tailored confined space entry training, height safety training and breathing apparatus training to over 500 people.
  • Tailored our confined space training delivery and materials directly to Snowy Hydro safe work procedures, access rules and permit to work procedures.
  • Always had new safety and emergency response trainers work with our experienced personnel to ensure site familiarity before teaching on their own.

FSA has been working with all Snowy Hydro power stations for over 2.5 years. Located in the Snowy Mountains, the various power stations have 24/7 operations and a large requirement to work at heights and work in confined spaces. The remoteness of the power stations make having breathing apparatus training and confined space rescue training for the relevant personnel very important.

Over the last 2.5 years, FSA has developed tailored confined space entry, working at height training and breathing apparatus training courses for Snowy Hydro power stations. Snowy Hydro has very specific safe access procedures and permit to work/isolation policy which required us to spend 2 days to go through all power stations and write up a specific training program (conducted FREE of charge to the client). Over the past 2.5 years, FSA has kept our number of trainers permitted onsite to a total of 4 to ensure consistency across all power stations and all confined space entry and height safety training courses. Our trainers really know and understand Snowy Hydro confined space procedures and safe access rules.

The 24/7 nature of Snowy Hydro power stations means that some of the power stations confined spaces are unavailable for usage during training courses. FSA has a policy of ensuring that practical entries are conducted to ensure hands-on practical training. We want to provide memorable training to ensure skills and knowledge retention. FSA has a confined space entry/rescue training trailer within NSW. We take this to the Snowy Power stations when needed to ensure that we can get great practical training experiences, even if the site’s confined spaces aren’t available.

Click to download Fire & Safety Australia Client Case Study – Snowy Hydro Power Stations – Part 1

Click to download Fire & Safety Australia Client Case Study – Snowy Hydro Power Stations – Part 2

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August 18, 2013