Our Experience With YTC Group

Fast Facts

  • FSA highly involved in setting up the YTC mine emergency response team from scratch
  • FSA has completed tailored safety and emergency response team training for YTC mining in NSW
  • FSA has provided cost effective equipment options to ensure the ERT has the correct equipment from day one

YTC Mines looked at various RTO’s who would be suitable to train the Emergency Response Team on their NSW mine sites. We completed an onsite hazard assessment and provided a gap analysis to the HSE onsite outlining some cost effective strategies for YTC FSA took the responsibility of also providing free training course so that YTC could see for themselves the quality and positive memorable experience that our mines rescue training offered. As a result of all the value additional offerings, the mines rescue training for the YTC group has been co-ordinated for the remainder of 2013 where mines rescue training is booked in every month onsite.

We have tailored all of our mines rescue and safety training for YTC. We’ve spent several days on-site to ensure that all mines rescue training meets their specific ERT requirements. We have supplied a comprehensive range of mines rescue equipment including underground breathing apparatus and rescue equipment. All equipment has been selected to meet the specific needs of YTC’s mine rescue team.

FSA also supplied all the rescue and medical equipment for this mine and our expert personnel have ensured that this will meet their mines rescue response requirements both now and into the future.

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