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LIVE Interactive video based instructor led safety training – Fire and Safety Australia

LIVE Interactive video-based instructor-led safety training

K​eep your employees safe and prepared with our newest learning tool for LIVE video-based training

Get LIVE video-based learning with our trainers, which allows your staff to be able to still interact with questions and answers, workshop and team scenarios, and practical activities with our highly experienced trainers via video, and interact as if they were in the room together!

Face to face training remains safe as we have clear safety procedures to control the risks – however, we now have an additional option for our clients with LIVE Video-based trainer-led safety training.

Our customer service and sales teams can get you booked in! Call 1300 88 55 30 or click HERE to speak to them and we can have this set up and ready to go for you as of Monday 23rd March Australia wide.

Our software (ZOOM meeting software) is free to download and can be run on any laptop/PC or any tablet or phone! All training can be connected to a monitor or a tv/laptop and is easily viewable! This will work for all normal training rooms and all PC’s and laptops, so social distancing rules can continue to apply and be maintained.

FOR NO EXTRA COST – We can loan you a USB video camera and speakers to turn any training room into a LIVE VIDEO Training room, you just need a PC or a laptop and a tv screen or any mobile device or tablet. These HD video cameras are used to provide high-resolution live video and Q&A with our trainers, and our speakers will easily reach groups of up to 20 people with clear sound.

Our courses available for LIVE video-based instructor-led training include the list below (click the course for the link to our website details!):

  1. Safety for Leaders
  2. Health and Safety Representative Training – Comcare Approved 
  3. Health and Safety Representatives Training – QLD Approved
  4. Health and Safety Representative Training – NSW Approved
  5. Health and Safety Representative Training – VIC Approved
  6. Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety
  7. Diploma of Work Health and Safety
  8. Initial Spill Response – Nationally recognised course (including assessment-there is a practical demonstration however, this can be completed via video and we can take equipment and drop at your location if required)
  9. Fire Warden Training – Nationally recognised course (including assessment)
  10. Chief Fire Warden Training  – Nationally recognised course (including assessment)
  11. Fire Extinguisher Awareness (no practical, but a practical demo via video)
  12. Fire Extinguisher Training – Nationally Recognised (We can drop fire extinguishers that can be used and then picked up with a demo via video)
  13. Fire Safety Adviser Training (NOTE: a building audit and fire extinguisher practical session must be completed for the assessment for approx. ½ day)
  14. Manual Handling course – Nationally recognised course (including assessment)
  15. Lock out Tag out Training (we can provide you with lock boxes and items to demonstrate competency during the training course)
  16. Issue Work Permits Training – Nationally recognised course (including assessment)
  17. First Aid – Theory Training only (practical training would need to be completed at a later date, we are working on a process to deliver this remotely)
  18. Risk Assessment Training – Nationally recognised course (including assessment)
  19. Half-day Height Safety Training Awareness (harnesses can be donned and checked online, however for the nationally recognised course- we would need a ½ day practical session)
  20. Gas Test Atmospheres Training- Nationally Recognised (we will courier gas detectors to you for this course if you have none)
  21. Standard 11 Coal Mine Operations (2.5 of 3 days can be completed via live training with a ½ day practical demonstration)- Nationally recognised training
  22. AIIMS-22459 VIC – course in the Australasian Inter-service Incident Management System (AIIMS)

​​​ For more information

We now have an extra option for our clients to continue providing safety and emergency response training that is 10000 x better than online-only training. Keep your team engaged with Live interactive instructor-led training, Live Q&A, and assessments with your trainer from the comfort of your own workplace. You could even have participants from multiple sites all dialing in at once!

Many of our nationally recognised courses can be run this way, and we can still provide you an outstanding level of service and professionalism and customer service, as we have done for the last 13 years and the hundreds of thousands of people that we have trained

FSA will always be here to support our clients during their time of need, we always say yes to you and we have always been here for you at short notice and to meet any request during our 13-year history. Currently our team of more than 100 employees are doing it tough as this pandemic has caused so many of our training courses to be cancelled or postponed due to fears about COVID-19. So many clients have asked us for non-face to face training options, as they realise that now more than ever, we need safety training for our teams.

After so much hard work, our team now can provide you with professional emergency response and safety training delivered by LIVE instructor-led video-based classroom training as of Monday 23rd March. We can provide video-based classroom learning for your staff after testing this with our training team in recent days and having internal quality procedures.

Our highly experienced emergency response and safety trainers will deliver a live video-based classroom training session with real-time Q&A, feedback, and assessments for your staff. Your learners can watch practical demonstrations being completed, and we can have assessments completed and marked by our trainers.
These sessions will be conducted from our FSA classrooms via video link (the classrooms at our facilities have lots of equipment to demonstrate safe operating practices and our trainers will deliver this and share presentations, assessments, and information with your staff (your staff can be in one room, at individual computers, or anywhere in the world).

Furthermore, Face to face training sessions can still be run safely by FSA and the NSCA (and has been running safely throughout this crisis- as all of our trainers are emergency response and safety professionals who follow strict infection control guidelines). Our staff are able to safely conduct this training and provide face to face sessions at your workplace or FSA training rooms. As of today, none of our FSA staff are affected – see link here for more info.

The above list of training courses can have nationally recognised training and assessment conducted using Live Video instructor based learning, nothing beats the delivery and experience of a professional Fire and Safety Australia trainer in person or via live video to train your staff.

Our video-based solution means that you (if you prefer), avoid face to face contact with the current COVID-19 pandemic, but you can get the same interaction and Q&A and a highly professional and well-presented training workshop with a Fire and Safety Australia trainer.

The above list of training courses are ones which can currently be delivered in this way (we will contact you in 7 days as we will be expanding this list after further refining our rigorous training and assessment strategies for video-based learning).

We are here to maintain our work with you, we would love your support to help us to make this work so that we can help your team to stay safe, and maintain our business.

Thanks in advance for your support

Steve McLeod
Fire and Safety Australia



Below- Further information about ZOOM Software
The benefits of using the Zoom platform:

  • Enriched teaching & learning – video-first unified communications to meet the growing needs of modern learners.
  • Maximize your resources – Utilize the resources and hardware you already have
  • Improve learning outcomes – Increased participation and learning retention with virtual and hybrid classrooms and micro-learning.

HD video and audio provide exceptional clarity and quality to a virtual and hybrid environment. You can join classes virtually, from any device, boosting attendance and retention making this the ideal option where face to face training cannot be done.

Session recording can allow you to learn at your own pace with the ability to reference back to sections of the recording as you review your learning. Simple user management and single sign-on make video a seamless component of the learning experience.

Enhanced collaboration features – One-click content sharing, real-time co-annotation, and digital whiteboarding.

Accessibility for all learners – Ensure that everyone can participate equitably with closed captioning and keyboard shortcuts.