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Emergency Response Vehicles, Emergency Response Equipment

FSA has a fleet of all the required equipment for your Medical and Emergency services needs, including Ambulances, Fire Trucks and Rapid attack vehicles that we provide clients as part of overall managed services delivery. We are currently expanding this fleet with orders in for new equipment to meet ever growing demand.

At the various deployed projects FSA staff manage the inspection and servicing of all emergency response equipment under our control or assigned for our use. We treat client’s equipment like it is our own, and our professional ESO’s will ensure that we have a clear asset register to track equipment and scheduled maintenance.

FSA has the in-house skills and experience to perform inspection, issue, and end of life management for SCBA and escape sets. FSA can provide minor servicing (e.g. replacement of cylinders, daily/weekly testing, basic maintenance). FSA where required works with partners for things such as the  servicing component of SCBA and escape sets, pressure testing, hydrostatic testing, servicing and various maintenance and repair activities.

FSA has experience in maintenance and annual testing of fire hose reels, fire extinguisher testing, fire panel interpretation, isolation and trouble shooting. All our emergency response personnel are highly experienced emergency services workers who have an understanding on how to test and isolate panels. All our staff have the relevant qualifications for fire extinguisher test and tag.

We have developed an asset service register that tracks all equipment information and highlights servicing dates, frequency of service all in line with legislative requirements and industry best practice.

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