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Petzl ID20S Descender

It has a multi-functional handle allows the user to:

  • Unblock the rope and control the descent with the hand on the free end of the rope
  • Move more easily on horizontal or low-angle terrain, thanks to the button on the handle
  • Get into position without having to tie off the deviceExtra features include:
  • Anti-panic function is engaged if the user pulls too strongly on the handle : brakes and stops the descent automatically.
  • Anti-error safety catch to reduce the risk of an accident due to incorrect installation of the device on the rope. The shape of the cam is designed to improve rope glide when ascending
  • The safety gate on the moving side plate helps prevent dropping the device and facilitates installation of the rope when passing intermediate anchors
  • Pivoting cam facilitates taking up the slack in the rope. Can also be used to make a reversible haul system, and for short ascents (in conjunction with a FOOTPRO foot loop and an ASCENSION handled rope clamp)
  • The locking screw of the swinging side-plate allows the I’D S to be part of a rescue kit
  • Lowers heavy loads up to 250 kg (only for expert users; consult the Instructions for Use for the device).
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Designed for 11mm Life Rescue Line, the Industrial Descender (ID20S) is a self braking descender with an antipanic function. It is easy to operate by either the novice or the professional. The ID20 is used across many fire and emergency services organisations due to its reliability and ease of use.


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