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Working At Heights Course Perth

Workers must undergo appropriate training to work at heights and reduce the dangers of the task, like falls, injuries, and fatalities. Our Working at Heights Course in Perth provides the knowledge and abilities to recognise potential risks, comprehend safety protocols, and utilise fall protection and prevention equipment.

Delivered by Fire & Safety Australia, a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), attendees will receive practical training in our state-of-the-art facility, valuable theoretical training in the classroom, and accreditation at the successful completion of the course. All attendees will leave with the necessary skills to work safely at heights.

Book Working at Heights Training in Perth with Fire & Safety Australia, one of Australia’s top providers of workplace safety training.

About our Working at Heights Training in Perth

Our Working at Heights Course in Perth equips attendees with a thorough understanding of the potential dangers of working at heights and the essential skills to reduce those risks. This program encompasses the following subjects, emphasising the importance of safe practices when performing tasks at heights in Western Australia.

Relevant Legislative Requirements

Attendees will gain knowledge of the laws, regulations, and Australian standards that govern working at heights in Western Australia. This will cover an introduction to the Work Health and Safety Act and any applicable regulations concerning working at heights

Hazard Identification, Risk Control Measures & Risk Assessment

Knowing how to identify and evaluate potential dangers when working at elevated heights is crucial. Attendees will be taught to recognise common hazards, like unstable ground, open edges, and insufficient fall protection systems. Attendees will also learn how to perform risk management to gauge the level of danger and implement suitable controls.

Fall Prevention & Protection

This training program will address a range of methods for preventing falls, including associated equipment like harnesses, lanyards, and anchor points. Attendees will learn how to choose, examine, and utilise them all appropriately.

Safety Equipment & Tools

Attendees will be trained on the appropriate usage, upkeep, and examination of ladders, fall arrest systems, and other related equipment, like Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Attendees will also be made aware of the restrictions and potential hazards associated with each type of equipment.

Emergency Procedures & Rescue

It is imperative to have emergency procedures and rescue plans in place in the event of an emergency or fall. Our training program includes protocols for emergency response, strategies for communication, and fundamental rescue methods. Attendees will acquire the skills to quickly and effectively handle emergencies until paramedics arrive.

Training & Practical Assessment

Attendees will receive practical demonstrations and hands-on experience with different fall prevention and protection tools in practical training sessions, either at our state-of-the-art facility or on-site in their workplace. They will be evaluated based on their proficiency in utilising the equipment accurately, recognising potential dangers, and implementing safety protocols.

Certification, Compliance & Your Nationally Recognised Statement of Attainment

After successfully completing our Working At Heights Course in Perth, attendees will be awarded a nationally recognised certification (RIIWHS204E Work Safely at Heights) as proof of meeting the necessary competency for working safely at heights.

Customised Training Options In Perth

We offer a range of convenient training options for individuals and groups, including practical training at our facility in Perth or on-site in your workplace. Our trainers can tailor the course to meet your specific needs and circumstances, ensuring team members receive the most relevant training possible for the job at hand. 

Contact us for more information about custom Working at Heights Training in Perth.


Why should I choose Fire & Safety Australia as my training provider?

Fire & Safety Australia is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) with more than 15 years of experience, training 40,000 people annually on average. Offering tailored training courses, state-of-the-art facilities, and practical hands-on experience for all attendees, Fire & Safety Australia is your number-one choice for Working at Heights Training in Perth!

Are there any specific prerequisites for enrolling in a Working at Heights Course in Perth?

No, this course is designed for workers of all experience levels. Participants are expected to have a reasonable level of physical fitness and a good understanding of English to ensure they can comprehend the training materials and instructions. Otherwise, this course has no prerequisites (e.g. a High-Risk Work Licence).

However, we ask that you wear long sleeves, long pants, and appropriate footwear for the course.

Do I have to complete a Working at Heights Training Course in WA?

This training is required by anyone working at heights or around objects that can fall from heights. The minimum height requirement can vary depending on the industry, e.g. housing construction is three metres.

How long does the training course last?

Our course runs for one day.

How often do I need to complete a refresher course?

The need for refresher training varies based on industry standards and employer policies. However, refresher training can be required every one to three years to ensure you maintain your competency and stay up-to-date with best practices and work procedures.

How many people can I book for group training?

You can book up to 12 people for our Working at Heights Training in Perth.

What kind of fall equipment will I learn to use?

You will learn to use required safety systems like guardrails, personal fall arrest systems, and fall prevention systems like anchor points, self-retracting lanyards, and body harnesses. You will also receive the technical and safety information required to install equipment, complete inspections, and use the equipment safely.

What should I do if I encounter an unsafe working height without proper training?

If you encounter an unsafe working height, you should immediately report it to your supervisor or the relevant safety officer. It’s important to follow the established safety protocols and not put yourself or others at risk.

Can I book in-house Working at Heights Training in Perth?

Yes, we offer in-house training to ensure your team receives the most relevant training for the work at hand. We will provide the appropriate equipment to cover all course requirements and ensure your team receives hands-on, nationally recognised training.

How much does completing a Working at Heights Course in Perth cost?

It depends on the group size, but the public course costs $345 per person. For corporate bookings, please contact us for a tailored quote.