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Virtual Reality Fire Training


FSA introduces virtual reality fire training into the classroom!

Fire and Safety Australia (FSA) is proud to announce the introduction of the FLAIM Virtual Reality Fire Trainer Simulator for use within our training centres and on-site at client workplaces.

FSA has invested in the latest technology- Virtual reality FLAIM firefighting training systems. These virtual reality training systems are designed to replicate real firefighting strategies and tactics for our ESO’s. This equipment will be circulated across FSA’s ESO contracts, so that our staff can simulate responses to a wide variety of emergencies, that cannot be replicated during training exercises.

 FSA was to our knowledge the first emergency response contracting business to invest in this new world class technology –

The FSA team is excited to continue to lead the training industry in Australia with this new VR training, and we expect to continue to grow our overall footprint, building upon our existing strong reputation for world class training delivery. This new technology can be utilised in the delivery of nationally recognised units of competency for Fire Extinguisher and emergency response training such as:

Our virtual reality fire systems comprise of hand held virtual reality fire extinguisher units as shown above, and also the fire training equipment shown below. The FLAIM virtual reality fire training equipment comprises a fully immersive experience, with a SCBA back plate with branch and hose line virtual reality fire team training equipment, that is especially useful for Emergency Response Team Training. Our trainers have full control on the scenario and can provide real time feedback in firefighting tactics and techniques to our learners.             

The Virtual Reality fire training system is designed to put learners into lifelike situations and circumstances that the trainee experiences in a safe, controlled environment. There are more than 50 scenarios that we can use to provide a memorable and interactive fire training experience for our clients. Whilst virtual reality fire training can replace real fire extinguisher training, FSA is using this as a supplementary form of practical training, to better prepare our training course participants for real life emergencies that they may encounter.

The FLAIM fire training system (developed in Geelong, Victoria and in use with professional emergency services worldwide), uses interactive computer software and hardware to create a simulated environment. The use of VR headsets can provide an immersive 3-D and 360° visual experience. The Virtual Reality training environment has integrating sensory simulations such as interactive branches, a heat suit, audio, and of course stunning visual graphics.

If you would like to discuss how this VR equipment can be of use to your team, or have a demo provided to you prior to rolling our fire training, please give our team a call on 1300 88 55 30, or feel free to respond to this email.


FSA is excited to lead the training industry in Australia with this new VR training, and we expect to continue to grow our overall footprint, building upon our existing strong reputation for professional emergency response training.

 As you can see from the photos below, FSA recent started to upskill our emergency response trainers and ESO’s in the usage of this world class virtual reality firefighting equipment. FSA would be pleased to bring this to the project post-contract award to FSA. This training system means that FSA ESO’s and GFG Liberty staff can be ‘thrown ’into Virtual Reality realistic environments, to ensure that emergency response standards remain at the leading edge. Data is collected and can be analysed by the emergency response team

 NOTE: Photo’s below depict FSA staff utilising the FLAIM Virtual Reality System at our Mulgrave, VIC training facility.

For further details or enquiries about Virtual Reality Fire Training on-site at your facility, or at one of FSA’s training centres, please contact:.

Nationally Recognised Training
Jeff Seater National Sales Manager
jeff.seater@fsaus.com.au –

0437 115 466

Emergency Response & Medical Personnel
David Spencer Sales Director
david.spencer@fsaus.com.au –

0439 543 642

For further enquiries on VR equipment:


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