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Covid-19 Support- Remote Mine site Paramedic and Nurse coverage

Covid-19 Support- Remote Mine site Paramedic and Nurse coverage

You’ve got to love Friday afternoons. Fire and Safety Australia Pty Ltd and Safety Australia Operations manager Janine Wiggins recently took a friday afternoon request from one of our existing mining clients. The brief, “due to the increased number of Covid Cases in WA we need to be able to deal with increase testing and treatment requirements at our 2000+ construction accommodation village”

So over the weekend the FSA Operations team worked their magic and by Monday morning had secured 6 of the 8 remote mine site paramedics and remote mine site nurses required. These staff were immediately booked in for required medicals and the mobilisation process commenced promptly.

As you can imagine we had a very happy client and the relationship is growing from strength to strength thanks to the hard work of the FSA team.

Preparation and having a broad and up to date candidate database is key to our success in meeting these all to often unplanned requirements, but it is the world we know live in and one to which Western Australia and companies operating here are soon to become quickly accustomed to.

So next time you find yourself in a meeting regarding contingency Medical and Emergency Services staffing, or the need for remote mining Paramedics or Nursing staff to provide additional coverage. Fire And Safety Australia is a national supplier of remote Medical and Emergency Response personnel, and we have access to the staff that you require to keep operations running and the health and wellbeing of your workforce at the top priority.

Please contact David Spencer david.spencer@fsaus.com.au for discussions about your current or future needs and Samantha Good Samantha.good@fsaus.com.au for a confidential discussion if you would like to join the FSA team.