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FSA 2021 Superstar of the year Awards

FSA 2021 Superstar of the year Awards

Fire and Safety Australia prides itself on recognising the amazing work that our team puts in to deliver a top quality service.  In 2021 superstar of the month awards that are presented was extended to include Superstar of the year. These awards were presented to 5 staff from all across the business to recognise their contribution to the business and recognise their effort in 1 of 5 categories. They are married to our core values- Passion for Safety, Thirst for Improvement, Commitment to our Team and Clients, Be Memorable and a final award, the CEO’s Award.

The recipients this year were:

COMMITMENT TO OUR TEAM AND CLIENTS – Kerry-Ann Garland Customer Service Manager (FSA Leadership team)

2021 has been an extraordinarily challenging year for our customer service and scheduling team. Lots of late notice lockdowns has meant that Kerry-Ann has worked weekends and coordinated with her team and the training team to ensure that FSA delivers on our promises to our customers. Kerry-Ann leads our customer service and administration team by example., working tirelessly to work on the implementation of the Axcelerate student management system, and works with her team to ensure that we always deliver a memorable training experience, and to ensure that Axcelerate goes smoothly throughout 2021.

 BE MEMORABLE – Wayne Boyes – Emergency Services Officer Gudai-Darri Project (MERS Team)

Wayne came into the Gudai-Darri project in a challenging time. After several years as an ESO on the FSA Chevron Wheatstone Project, Wayne stepped into an ESO role and immediately demonstrated site leadership to improve FSA’s medical and emergency response services on-site. Wayne quickly established great relationships with the FSA management team and Rio Tinto/Worley Parsons management teams, and has led FSA’s provision of memorable MERS personnel on this project.

 THIRST FOR IMPROVEMENT – Jasmine Keys – WHS Enrolment Coordinator – VIC (Customer Service & Administration Team)

Jas has been a critical part of the team, always striving for improvement in all areas of our learners experience. Jas has always led this area of the business to put our learners needs first, and suggest ongoing improvements. She instigated the idea and implemented the Cert IV and Diploma Q & A sessions, was heavily involved in the WHS student transfer from Tutis to Axcelerate, and configured the new learner portal and work instructions. Jas continuously looks for improvements in the business, and works tirelessly to support this growing areas of the business. WHS enrolments in the last 18 months are at the highest they have ever been, and Jas has worked with her team and our trainers to provide a memorable training experience.

 Superstar of the year-– Matt Skeldon – SA/NT Training Supervisor (Training Team)

Matt provides passionate training experience to all FSA learners that demonstrates his passion for safety and emergency response. His training and driving of the GWO training program and seeing the way in which he engages with his classroom participants, and the way in which he continues to build upon the Adelaide training centre (often calling in favors for cartons of beer!), and the way in which he leads his team to improve the training experience is second to none, highlighting his dedication to the GWO industry and his passion for safety and memorable training. Matts business case to raise the GWO training facility (shipping container fitted out in SA) was approved because of his passion for safety and memorable training.

 2021 CEO AWARD – Leigh Box- Assistant Accountant (Finance Team)

Leigh has been in the business for almost 4 years now, and he has really stepped up in 2020 and 2021. Leigh has increased responsibility across the business, and he has grown into the official 2IC for the finance team, and has supported FSA and our finance team across 2 of the most difficult years in our company history.  Leigh has taken on increased responsibilities this year, in taking on day to day issues within the finance team, a greater level of support and involvement in the MERS division (the MERS team often talk about Leigh B as part of their team!).