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4 Tips for a Successful Safety Culture

The safety culture of a company is determined by the way employers and employees view safety in their workplace. Safe work Australia’s recent work-related injury fatalities statistics found that there were 191 work-related injury fatalities in 2017. A successful safety culture saves lives.


Here are 4 tips to create a successful safety culture in your workplace:


A company needs to set clear, defined goals and standards for safety in the workplace. It is from these goals that employees are able to see the company’s safety culture vision and work towards achieving it. This also ensures both employers and employees are working together towards the same purpose.

Having employees believe in these goals also makes for more motivated and inspired workers.

When safety culture is compromised employees become detached and disinterested in workplace goals. From here employees look for what they can get rather than what they can achieve.

Setting clear goals ensures employees work in line with the company.


Leaders must have a clear and focused mindset in order to prioritise goals and stay focused on the safety vision.

Being distracted and becoming focused on small matters results in leaders becoming reactive rather than proactive, which in turn creates a compromised safety culture and a company that is not operating at full potential.

A safety orientated and focused mindset means for fewer accidents and injuries within the workplace.



Employees are inspired and motivated when they see employers leading by example. Having a leadership team and workers who believe in and follow company values results in the teams working together towards the company vision.

The safety culture of a company is compromised when values are not shared but rather disregarded. It is important that company values are actively put into practice and demonstrated at all levels.

Fire and Safety Australia has 4 core company values which are the basis for all our actions; Passion for Safety, Be Memorable, Commitment to our team and clients and Thirst for Improvement.



Feedback and assistance should be valued as a positive contribution and encouraged at all levels within a company. Feedback and assistance are vital to ensure a company does not remain stagnant but rather grows and improves. It allows for fresh ideas and processes to be presented and a review of how company goals can be achieved.

Being open to feedback and suggestions also lets employees know they are valued and their opinions appreciated.


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