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ESO Contract Management, Procedures, Practices and Mobilisation

Fire and Safety Austraia has developed our own intellectual property to manage on-site emergency response contracts. Our internally developed ESO induction manual and verification of competency program which we put all new ESO’s through as they mobilise to site.  This is to ensure that the skillsets and competencies required are validates for emergency response and medical treatment for our staff before site mobilisation.

FSA has existing document templates that we use for this, examples attached, or we will work with clients to integrate your existing induction manuals into our induction management framework.

FSA new site ESO’s will all complete an FSA induction and a client induction prior to mobilising to site. They are then assigned a mentor who is their ‘go to’ person for any questions (normally but not always this is the ESO team leader).

For the Ichthys project in Darwin FSA developed a customised Emergency Response Officer induction booklet. This booklet is a training and induction plan for all new ESO’s. This booklet specifies the roles and responsibilities for our Fire & Rescue Staff whilst performing emergency response work at a client’s workplace. This document outlines the current FSA practises in how to conduct emergency response and rescue. This approach has worked well for multiple FSA projects, and we would adopt this same approach for new clients.

FSA takes great pride in providing high quality emergency services to our clients. To ensure that our personnel continue to update their qualifications and refresh their core skills, they will complete regular and ongoing professional development and skills maintenance activities.

FSA offer our emergency response employees upskilling opportunities to ensure that our team continually develop their skills and qualifications. We offer our ESO’s to complete (at FSA’s expense) the Cert IV Workplace Health and Safety and the Diploma Workplace Health and Safety. FSA believes that our emergency response personnel are an extension of our clients HSE teams, so we promote this cross-skilling of our personnel to assist them in improving their safety skills and knowledge.

Our account management and 30-day mobilisation plans are detailed below for an on-site emergency response contract requiring 10+ emergency services officers. FSA senior managers have more than 10 years of experience in mobilising and managing remote emergency services contracts within the resources industry at FSA, and we are dedicating our most senior managers to this contract.

  1. Initial meeting with client upon contract award
  2. Poisons Permit & Clinical Governance Directives (if required)
  3. Visit site (Review existing ERT arrangements and meet with client staff and volunteers to build a constructive relationship with volunteers from the start, review current equipment and identify any shortfall)
  4. Finalise ESO Selection and Hiring process -Recruitment & Selection of ESO personnel:
  5. Review Client Emergency Response Plan
  6. Finalise ‘Client Emergency Response and Medical Treatment Induction and Operations Plans.
  7. Book site inductions with Client (All FSA Key Management and all contract ESO’s)
  8. Finalise ‘Client Emergency Response Contract Health, Safety, Environment and Security Management Plan’
  9. Internal pre-mobilisation quality readiness audit
  10. Final pre-mobilisation meeting with Client

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