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Clinics, Ambulances, site medical setup, medical consumables

Poisons Permit & Clinical Governance Directives
Immediately upon award of the contract, FSA will commence working with the SA Health Department to establish the required permits and approval process as part of this job. This process is expected to take approx. 30 days and is on the critical path of our mobilisation to site.

As part of this poisons permit, FSA will review the existing medical response procedures, and determine the new clinical governance processes. As per the attached examples, FSA will put together medical clinical governance standards and processes to ensure that a high level of patient care is provided for this project by FSA ESO’s.


FSA has substantial experience in the design setup and auditing of Medical Clinics. It is important that your clinic is designed to not only cover the size of the facility that you have but also the likely scenarios that are presented from your risk assessment. Do you need a drug safe, how may stretchers, a sick bay / isolation room. Will you be transporting staff for further medical treatment or holding them for RFDS to come pick them up. These are all questions  that need to be asked and will change both your needs and design

Why put yourself and staff at risk, work with an experienced team that can help you remove the risk and ensure that you have everything covered.

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