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Fire Safety Advisor Consultancy Queensland

All QLD buildings that have over 30 employees must have a Fire Safety Advisor in place. Your organisation may elect to train a Fire Safety Advisor or it may contract this out to an organisation such as FSA. FSA currently acts as the outsourced Fire Safety Advisor for many QLD buildings to ensure compliance with the QLD Fire Regulations and AS3745-2010.

As part of the annual Fire Safety Advisor compliance, we will complete the following for your organisation (NOTE: These are the minimum fire safety requirements and do not include warden, general occupant or other training, this is to ensure compliance with the QLD Fire Regulations, excluding training).

Our outsourced Fire Safety Advisor will complete 1 day on-site every year and will complete FSA’s Fire Safety Advisor Audit checklist which includes completing the following:

  • A Comprehensive Fire Audit of the building, Egress Paths, Assembly Points to ensure that these are clear and accessible
    and remain suitable
  • Inspect logbooks to ensure that fire servicing has been completed
  • Complete a review of the Fire & Emergency Procedures of the building to ensure that these remain current
  • Complete a full evacuation drill of the building including a ½ hour de-brief and ½ hour training session with Fire Wardens (Including a written evacuation drill report following the drill)
  • A meeting of the Emergency Planning Committee
  • Check that all evacuation diagrams are up to date and located correctly
  • Ensuring that Warden equipment is available and located correctly
  • Ensure Warden Lists and Emergency Personnel listings are up to date
  • Be available to senior management to discuss any fire safety concerns
  • Be available day to day (outside these times) to Management and the QFRS if required to discuss emergency procedures over the telephone

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