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Emergency Response Vehicles & Equipment

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Emergency Response Vehicles, Emergency Response Equipment

FSA has a fleet of all the required equipment for your Medical and Emergency services needs, including Ambulances, Fire Trucks and Rapid attack vehicles that we provide clients as part of overall managed services delivery. We are currently expanding this fleet with orders in for new equipment to meet ever growing demand.

At the various deployed projects FSA staff manage the inspection and servicing of all emergency response equipment under our control or assigned for our use. We treat client’s equipment like it is our own, and our professional ESO’s will ensure that we have a clear asset register to track equipment and scheduled maintenance.

FSA has the in-house skills and experience to perform inspection, issue, and end of life management for SCBA and escape sets. FSA can provide minor servicing (e.g. replacement of cylinders, daily/weekly testing, basic maintenance). FSA where required works with partners for things such as the  servicing component of SCBA and escape sets, pressure testing, hydrostatic testing, servicing and various maintenance and repair activities.

FSA has experience in maintenance and annual testing of fire hose reels, fire extinguisher testing, fire panel interpretation, isolation and trouble shooting. All our emergency response personnel are highly experienced emergency services workers who have an understanding on how to test and isolate panels. All our staff have the relevant qualifications for fire extinguisher test and tag.

We have developed an asset service register that tracks all equipment information and highlights servicing dates, and frequency of service all in line with legislative requirements and industry best practice.

FSA Ambulances & Emergency Response Vehicles

We have a fleet of 11 Emergency Response and Medical vehicles in place across Australia. The FSA fleet comprises of-

  • 4WD mine site compliant ambulances
  • 4WD mine site compliant quick attack fire units
  • 4WD Fire appliances (3000L water tanks)
  • 4WD mine site rescue vehicles (with road crash rescue, vertical rescue, general fire and rescue equipment storage)
  • 4WD General mine site compliant vehicles (Toyota Landcruiser workmate, Toyota Hilux, Ford Ranger)

Over the last 3 years, FSA has invested in a brand-new fleet of 4WD Ambulances and 4WD Emergency Response vehicles to ensure that our on-site Paramedics, Emergency Services Officers, Nurses, and Trainers are equipped with the best possible equipment available when providing on-site medical needs of our clients staff and contractors.

FSA Mine Site Compliance 4WD Ambulances

Our latest purpose-built and brand-new 4WD mine site compliance Ambulances are fitted out with all necessary consumables and equipment including AED with 3 lead ECG, Oxygen Resuscitation Equipment, First Aid/Trauma packs, and all other equipment you would expect in an ambulance built for remote conditions. Chargeback of any used consumables is at a cost-plus basis. These 4WD Ambulances are specially designed to be off-road capable 4WD vehicles purpose built to be ambulances.



On the FSA 4WD Ambulances, we commissioned additional upgrades above a ‘normal’ mine site ambulance as part of the design process. This includes:- having a 3rd ambulance paramedic door cut in that enables the patient to be treated inside the ambulance from a specifically designed seat, or the patient can be treated on the move on the way to an aeromedical evacuation or to a hospital. The FSA 4WD Ambulances also have additional air conditioning to the rear of the ambulance for the patient. This additional air conditioning unit ensures that patients are in a safe and comfortable environment. Given we operate in many areas of high or low temperature extremes (eg. Pilbara WA, Northwest QLD, Norther Territory, Regional SA), this is particularly important.

Often mining projects use old vehicles that are 10-20 years old…. whilst this may sound ‘cheaper’, typically these vehicles will have down time of 10-20 days per annum due to mechanical faults and fixes, which can put staff and patients at risk if there is no alternative available. FSA’s brand-new vehicles based on the highly robust and successful Toyota Landcruiser Troop carrier, often requiring only 1-2 days of servicing per year, however they are an extremely reliable vehicle.

FSA prides itself in ensuring that our staff have best supporting vehicle fleet to best serve our clients and their staff who are ultimately the patients that we are there to respond to in times of need.

FSA Mine Site Compliant 4WD Light Attack Fire Units

FSA has mine site compliant 4WD light attack fire units within our emergency response vehicle fleet. These units are based on the extremely reliable and robust Toyota Landcruiser 79 series Ute, heavily customised and rebuilt to FSA and world class firefighting standards.

Our mine compliant 4WD light attack fire unit includes the following specifications:-

  • GVM Upgrade and road registered
  • GAAM MK70 pump with Hatz diesel engine
  • 600L Aluminium water tank
  • Quench master foam proportioning system Compressed Air Foam System
  • Pump motor fed directly from vehicle fuel tank
  • Emergency lights and sirens
  • Burnover fire protection (cabin sprays and fire curtains)
  • Lockers for equipment and gear storage
  • Electric rewind 30m retractable hose reel 19mm hose
  • 38mm and 65mm inlets and outlets
  • 38mm and 65mm hoses and branches
  • Wildfire and basic firefighting equipment
  • Shore power connection
  • UHF radio
  • Towbar


FSA Mine Site Compliant 4WD Fire Appliances

FSA has mine site compliant 4WD fire appliances within our emergency response vehicle fleet. These are generally ISUZU or similar and based on commonly used water tankers which typically have a 2000L-3000L water tanks. These are typically ex-rural fire service or ex-country fire service, and then once procured these are rebuilt and improved to FSA’s standards.

Our mine compliant 4WD light attack fire unit includes the following specifications:-

  • 3000L water tank
  • Road registered
  • Typical pump rating output between 500-1000LPM @800Kpa
  • Foam proportioning system
  • Emergency lights and sirens
  • Burnover fire protection (cabin sprays and fire curtains)
  • Lockers for equipment and gear storage
  • Electric rewind retractable hose reel
  • 38mm and 65mm inlets and outlets
  • 38mm and 65mm hoses and branches
  • SCBA sets
  • Suction hose
  • Wildfire and basic firefighting equipment
  • Forcible entry equipment
  • Shore power connection
  • UHF radio


FSA 4WD Drive Fire Appliance with 3000 litre Capacity. Whilst this is an older vehicle, it has been rebuilt and modernised and re-built with low KM.  

FSA Mine site compliance- General Purpose Emergency Response Vehicles

FSA’s general purpose mine site compliant 4WD vehicles can be used for general purpose and general rescue tasks and first response medical. Emergency response vehicle lights and sirens are fitted to response vehicles. FSA has appropriate storage lockers to be able to outfit-

  • First Aid and First Response medical equipment (AED, O2 Resuscitation, Trauma Bag)
  • Vertical rescue equipment and stretchers
  • Confined space rescue equipment and tripods
  • Road crash rescue equipment (Hydraulic equipment, chocks/blocks/wedges, 4WD recovery equipment)
  • Stretchers (basket and soft)
  • SCBA Sets
  • Fire Extinguishers

FSA General Purpose Emergency Response/ Rescue Vehicle (available if required for contract growth)

FSA Road Crash Rescue Equipment (including Lukas Hydraulic equipment) and Vertical Rescue equipment that can be located on our general rescue support vehicle

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