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Asset, VOC and Verification Of Competency Training

Asset Management

FSA places a high emphasis on conducting the correct inspection, testing, and maintenance of emergency response equipment that we are responsible for (whether we own the equipment or not).

FSA will develop a detailed equipment inventory for each piece of equipment that we are responsible for, and utilise Santos’s asset management system to account for all equipment that we are responsible for. As part of this system, we have an unserviceable equipment tagging, reporting and rectification procedure.

FSA has experience in inspecting and maintaining emergency response and safety equipment.

Skills and aptitude testing:

FSA uses skills testing to ensure that selected personnel have the skills and experience required of them to perform their ESO duties. Skills testing shall take place at FSA’s SA training facility. Our skills testing program has been developed due to our previous experience where we have identified that prospective ESO’s may present to FSA a certain skillset, however upon further analysis once on a job, they may not have the proficiency that we expected of them.

FSA’s skills test will comprise a verification of competency (VOC) for all of our prospective ESO’s and Paramedics. For Paramedics this will comprise clinical treatment skills, advanced life support, resuscitation skills and medical protocols.

For ESO’s it will comprise of FSA completing an assessment of the candidate using our in-house VOC worksheets for Road Crash Rescue, Firefighting, Breathing Apparatus Operations, Vertical Rescue, Confined Space Rescue, and First Aid.

NOTE: The candidate must complete a satisfactory VOC in all areas to be accepted by the selection panel. FSA uses this process to ensure that we have only experienced personnel to be employed as ESO’s, plus also FSA then will identify areas of strength and areas of further development that can be integrated into a Personal Development Plan (PDP) for each individual employee

A VOC normally takes 2 hours and is completed by an experienced and qualified SA based FSA Trainer/Assessor with qualifications in all areas of the assessment. These VOC’s can be undertaken at our Adelaide training facility as we have practical training facilities to undertake all training and assessment for the relevant emergency services skill sets. If personnel pass this stage of testing they will be permitted to proceed to b  eing forwarded to Santos for review.


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