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Vision and Values

FSA Company Values

Company Values

Welcome to Australia’s leading provider of Emergency Response and Medical Services, and Emergency Response & Safety Training. With a team of approximately 150 across Australia, our core values are the way in which our teamwork, and the guidelines for whom we bring into the organisation.

Our core values represent who we are and what we stand for. Our core values are at the heart of every decision that we make. Our core values decide who we should allow to join us on this journey and the way in which we conduct ourselves every day in pursuit of our vision.

Culture and FSA is a key component of our success, and we are truly proud to have a team of 150+ professionals who are dedicated to our core values- Thirst for Improvement, Be Memorable, Commitment to our team and clients, Passion for Safety.

Be Memorable

As an organisation we are friendly and make amazing first impressions with our team and our clients. We try to amaze our clients by providing excellent training and services that are ‘a step above’ what they receive from our competition.

We do this because we want to add value to our clients and wow people whenever possible through both our positive attitude and the memorable experiences that they receive. We will create memorable experiences for our clients to ensure that they remember our messages.

We want to create memorable experiences for our team members and create an organisation that is memorable as it stands the test of time. By being memorable we believe that we will improve safety at our client’s workplaces, contribute effectively to society and grow a successful organisation. We will create memorable experiences for our team. We will ‘wow’ our team with experiences that are not often provided by employers and we will in turn have the best team members in our industry.

Our team is the lifeblood of our organisation and we will do our very best to create memorable experiences for them.

Commitment to Our Team and Clients

Our team and our organisation is committed to achieving our vision. We realise that nothing ever gets achieved without the commitment of our organisation to our team and our clients.

Our team goes above and beyond the ‘norm’ to deliver outstanding client services every day. Our team demonstrates commitment to each other by supporting and helping our team through both good times and bad. We work together as a team and ensure that the support we give to each other never waivers. We trust each other and work together to achieve a common purpose.

We aim to be the best employer that our team has ever worked for. We strive to provide amazing experiences for our team and we only want team members who share our values in everything that they do.

We will support our team and our clients in their toughest hour and not let them down. Our commitment to our clients is demonstrated by our passion for what we do…the amazing feedback that we receive from our clients and the significant year on year growth of FSA.

Passion for Safety

FSA was founded because of our passion for improving safety and emergency response within Australia. Our team understands the importance of what we do and our clients bear witness to our passion, enthusiasm and dedication to improving safety.

We live and breathe safety and we have a real passion for what we do.

We exist to make workplaces safer workplaces and we must demonstrate safe work practises within our own company. The safety of our team and our clients is paramount to our success and the betterment of the world.

What we do is more important than money….together by demonstrating our passion for safety we can make a difference….together we can forever change safety in the world.

Thirst for Improvement

As an organisation we will not stay stagnant. We thirst for learning and improvement in everything that we do. We will not take for granted our team and our clients and we will always actively seek to improve all aspects of our organisation all of the time.

To us ‘just good enough’ never is. We will always thirst to improve everything that we do all of the time to stay ahead of our competitors and to ensure that we are always improving all aspects of our organisation.

Our team and clients are encouraged to share their thoughts and ideas about how we can improve our organisation at any time. We thirst for improvement to better ourselves, our industry and the services that we provide.

Fire and Safety Australia Capability Video

Let us show you in under 3 minutes our national capability to provide:-

  • Safety and emergency response training (RTO:22250) on-site or at FSA training centres; and
  • Paramedics, Nurses, and Emergency Services Personnel, providing 24/7 remote support.


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