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Poisons permits and telehealth support

FSA currently has experience in obtaining and managing the ongoing compliance for poisons permits, clinical treatment guidelines, and remote paramedics and nursing staff.  As part of pre-mobilisation requirements, we will put in place the appropriate clinical governance requirements to ensure that our Paramedics can adequately treat patients and provide medications to injured or ill staff on-site (utilising tele-medicine clinical support), supported by remote telehealth doctor consultations.

As part of this poisons permit, FSA will review the existing medical response procedures, and determine the new clinical governance processes, or utilise existing clinical governance processes. FSA has strong experience in managing poisons permits and clinical practice protocols for remote FIFO locations. We do this with our medical partners and leveraging telehealth doctor consultations for advanced patient treatment. FSA utilises this framework across multiple projects.

FSA has engaged a 24/7 medical telehealth support network to compliment and support the paramedics and Emergency Service Officers on site.

Whenever an injury occurs in your business, major or minor, we understand that urgent support is required. Our network has developed a 24/7 medical support line, with dedicated Emergency Physicians and General Practitioners who are able to handle all levels of urgent medical cases.

With our partnership we are able to offer:

  • On-site Paramedics and Nurses who can operate under a poisons permit or poisons license
  • Onsite and remote telehealth services from General Practitioners and Emergency Physicians

These services were created to ensure our clients are provided with a prompt and urgent response for emergencies at the workplace, our team are constantly striving to go above and beyond   your expectations, especially with emergency care.

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