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Evacuation Drills

It is a requirement under AS3745-2010 to run at least 1 full evacuation exercise for your building/workplace each year. FSA trainers and consultants regularly visit workplaces to run full evacuation exercises, we provide realistic exercises to test your buildings emergency management plan and ensure all building occupants are familiar with their emergency exits and escape paths.

Our trainers will complete a de-brief for all personnel involved in the exercise and sit down with the wardens to determine potential improvements. A comprehensive report will be forwarded to you after the conclusion of the exercise.

Workplace Emergency Procedures Manual

It is a requirement under AS3745-2010 and under your State/Territories Workplace Health and Safety Act to have written fire and emergency management procedures for your building/workplace with procedures to follow in the event of a fire or emergency occurring.

FSA trainers and consultants will visit your workplace to determine the risks and put together a step by step emergency plan for your personnel to use during an emergency. We will work with your team to determine an emergency procedure that fits your requirements.

FSA Emergency Procedures Flip Charts

Emergency Procedures Flip Charts

These flipcharts are a quick reference guide on what to do in case of all emergencies including Fire, Bomb or Personal threats. They are in compliance with AS3745 and can be tailored to suit your specific needs or requirements. We can also customise them with your logo and colours on the front cover.

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