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First Aid Kits

First Aid Kits are an important item to have with you whether it be in the car, the home or in your bag they can be utilised in any emergency. A well-stocked First Aid Kit should be able to treat minor injuries and assist with major ones until further help arrives.

Most First Aid Kits contain perishable items so remember to frequently check the expiry and replenish items as necessary, especially before undertaking big trips. It is also recommended to tailor First Aid Kits to the conditions you will be in.

Here are 10 items that should be included in any First Aid Kit:

Rubber Gloves

Rubber Gloves are a crucial item to any First Aid Kit as they prevent cross-contamination, protecting yourself and the patient. Before you attend to any emergency ensure you have Rubber Gloves on as if you injure yourself you become a burden and can no longer assist the patient.

CPR Mask

Having a CPR Mask on hand in an emergency means, you can perform CPR without actual mouth contact, adding an extra layer of protection between yourself and the patient.

To use a CPR Mask simply open and place it over the patient’s mouth, blow through the one-way vale administering air into the patient’s airways.

Fire and Safety Australia also supply free Resuscitation Guides which can assist you in CPR and the process to follow in an airways emergency.

Band Aids

One of the most essential and basic items you should stock your First Aid Kits with are Band-Aids. Band-Aids can be used as cut and graze protection on people of any age.

Majority of Band-Aids are water and dirt resistant and help prevent contamination with a strong adhesive pad that cushions the wound. The material of Band-Aids varies depending on different allergies and skin conditions (i.e. latex-free, hypoallergenic, sensitive skin).

Before applying a Band-Aid gently clean the wound and dry the skin then apply the Band-Aid, pressing the edges down firmly. Replace with a clean Band-Aid daily or as required.

Crepe Bandage / Hypoallergenic Paper Tape

Crepe Bandages are used to treat muscle sprains and strains. The elastic bandages reduce the flow of blood to the injured area, reducing swelling. These bandages can also be used to secure dressing over wounds and to immobilise injured limbs.

Similarly to Crepe Bandages, Hypoallergenic Paper Tape can secure dressing over wounds. The Hypoallergenic Paper Tape works especially well on sensitive skin as it is breathable and lightweight.

Non-Adherent Dressing

A Non-Adherent dressing can be used on large wounds and secured with bandage or tape. These paddings are a handy item to have in any First Aid Kit as they are specifically designed to be placed on a wound and not stick. These non-stick pads also make for a pain-free removal process.

Instant Ice Pack / Cold Pack

Sprains, burns, aches, and bites can all be soothed with an Instant Ice Pack or Cold Pack. The cold cools the injured area and reduces swelling.

Instant Ice Packs and Cold Packs are easy to use, just squeeze the contents inside and shake before applying to skin. Packs should be wrapped in a towel or cloth before being applied to the skin to avoid discomfort and skin damage.

Emergency Blanket

An Emergency Blanket is an important item in any First Aid Kit as it protects against both hot and cold elements by reflecting up to 80% of the bodies heat. Emergency Blankets are however highly flammable and should never be exposed to naked flame.

Saline Eye Wash

Saline Eye Wash removes any particles in the eye that cause irritation, discomfort, burning, stinging or itching.

Remember to remove contact lenses before use!

Povidone Iodine Swabs / Alcohol Wipes

It is best practice to make sure any First Aid Kit is stocked with plenty of Povidone Iodine Swabs and Alcohol Wipes. Alcohol Wipes can be used to kill germs and sanitize skin. Whereas the actual cut, scrape or bruise should be wiped clean with a Povidone Iodine Swab before being dressed. Wiping these cuts cleans protects the patient against infection, just remember to discard after each use!

Burn Gel

Burn Gel relieves the pain of burns, scalds, and sunburn and soothes the affected area. A perfect addition to all First Aid Kit’s, especially during the summertime!