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Growing our Mine Site Ambulance Fleet!

Growing our Mine Site Ambulance Fleet!

Fire and Safety Australia has taken delivery of several additions to our emergency response fleet.  We have just taken possession of an additional |4WD Mine Site compliant Ambulance.  Driven by several clients expressing interest due to the market shortage of reliable and appropriate vehicles, FSA has invested in several new vehicles, the first of which is this brand new ambulance to go to one of our existing remote client sites. 

Steve McLeod, David Spencer, and our Medical and Emergency Response team have worked closely with the team from SEVA to deliver the first of several new additions to the fleet, a new Toyota Troop Carrier with a custom 3 door Ambulance conversion making this the ultimate 4WD Ambulance build for FSA and our clients.  With fitout of the vehicle to our specifications we ensure that the needs of our clients, paramedics and patients are met.  Our high profile mining client will take delivery at their construction site in February 2022 ensuring that they have the most appropriate and reliable vehicle available in what is one of the most remote parts of the country.  

This vehicle adds to our existing emergency response fleet.  By offering these as part of our services delivery, we are able to ensure a seamless, end to end approach that our clients have come to expect from FSA, utilising new equipment to support our on-site Paramedics, Nurses, and Emergency Services Officers.

Unlike many other providers, FSA provides these ambulances with a fully stocked consumables supply and other options that many other providers  leave for the client to supply.

So next time that you are offered an aged and unmaintained vehicle with faulty air conditioning and no third door that would look more at home on a 4WD charity bash, remember that the team at FSA can supply you with a fully kitted out fit for purpose vehicle able to facilitate the immediate care that your workforce and remote medical staff may one day rely upon.

Thank you to @SEVA and @Monoghan signs for your work on this vehicle.