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Training-Core Values

Training-Core Values

FSA lives and breathes by our 4 core values.  These values are for each and everyone of our personnel to strive for and exceed in its delivery. Our core values are the guiding principles that determine all of our people based decisions. Hiring decisions are based on our core values, which are:-

Be Memorable

-Thirst For Improvement

-Commitment to team and clients

-Passion for Safety

But how do we see these in action?

Our Quality, Integrity and Development department headed by Tracey McKay works hand in hand with our Training Supervisors, Trainers and other support staff to ensure that the training packages that are delivered to our participants are of the highest quality.  We constantly look at feedback from both within our business and from participants to achieve our 4 core values.  

The feedback forms that are distributed post course are essential to the growth and development of not only our course materials but also the trainers, customer service and other associated support staff.

We take all feedback seriously and with the view to discussing, reviewing, improving and implementing changes that come from this process.

This process ensures that we are Committed to the growth and development of our team, committed to creating a memorable experience for our clients.  Striving for continual improvement and therefore creating the best possible course to ensure that you, our clients, understand our passion for safety.

Our training packages also undergo an internal review process where staff from other areas of the business participate in our training programs and assist in evaluating the performance of our trainers and the packages to provide feedback of both.