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WHSF and FSA HRWL Training

Joint Media Release

19 January 2023

Fire & Safety Australia now conducting High Risk Work License (HRWL) Training at the WHS Foundation’s WHS Centre, North Lake, WA


The Work Health & Safety Foundation (WHS Foundation) and Fire & Safety Australia (FSA) today announce that FSA has acquired the WHS Foundation’s High Risk Work License training division and is now conducting HRWL training at the WHS Centre, North Lake (Perth, WA).

Established in 1972, the WHS Foundation (formerly IFAP), which rebranded in March 2022 this year to align with WA’s new harmonised WHS laws, is a Western Australian, not-for-profit, member-based organisation providing work health and safety (WHS) advocacy, consulting / advisory, and education / training services.

Established in 2007, FSA is Australia’s leading provider of paramedical and emergency response personnel, and a leading emergency response & safety training provider. FSA operates nationally with 150+ team members, servicing all Australian states and territories with training centres and personnel in WA, SA, VIC, NSW, QLD, TAS, and NT.

Both organisations share a common vision and goal of assisting organisations to improve work health and safety. The WHS Foundation’s vision and mission is to advocate, educate and facilitate the enablement of ‘Safer Healthier Work’. FSA’s purpose is ‘To forever change safety in the world – one experience at a time’.

In August 2022, FSA relocated is WA operations to the WHS Foundation’s North Lake ‘WHS Centre’, which offers a hub for WHS education, training, advisory and related services in WA. FSA’s partnering relationship with the WHS Foundation and its presence at the WHS Centre has strengthened and grown significantly over this short period.

Michael Morgan, managing director of the WHS Foundation, commented: “FSA is a values-based, professional organisation with complimentary safety service offerings and strong leadership and vision that is aligned with ours. With its established national and WA capability and experience in HRWL training, and as an established WHS Centre partner, FSA was a natural fit to take over our HRWL training division, which includes a transition of our key HRWL trainers and assessors to FSA employment. This enables us to focus on and further invest in expanding our broader industry WHS training and service offerings, while ensuring that our members can still access HRWL training at our site at member benefit rates. We welcome FSA to take over our HRWL training division as a trusted and respected training organisation that will provide our members and the WA community with a high standard of HRWL training.”

Steve McLeod, managing director / CEO of FSA, noted: “We are very excited to build on our strong existing relationship with the WHS Foundation, expanded to now conduct all HRWL training at the WHS Centre and throughout WA. Building on our 6 + years’ experience as a HRWL training provider, our HRWL public and corporate course offerings currently include: Forklift, Elevated Work Platform (EWP), Dogging, Gantry Crane, and Verification of Competency (VOC) services. It is critical that industry has suitably trained personnel that can confidently and competently conduct high-risk work and operate high-risk work license plant and equipment safely.  We look forward to increasing our HRWL training scope in WA with new course offerings delivered to a high standard.” 

Both registered training organisations, the WHS Foundation (RTO 1907) and FSA (RTO 22250) will work together at the WHS Centre to provide complimentary training and services across the whole work health & safety, and medical & emergency response spectrum, leveraging off each other’s expertise and capability.

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